Dr. Olga C. Santos

Assoc. Professor, Department of Artificial Intelligence, UNED’s School of Computer Science

Keynote Speech: 

Empowering Human Motion Computing through AI and Sensor Data: Advances in Physical User Modeling

Short Abstract: In this keynote, Dr. Olga C. Santos will explore her pioneering research in Physical User Modeling (PhyUM), focusing on the synergy between AI and sensor data for personalized human motion computing. Highlighting the SMDD (Sensing-Modeling-Designing-Delivery) framework and its applications in martial arts, sports, rehabilitation, and active aging, she will showcase prototypes developed under her guidance and advancements in modeling psychomotor performance. Dr. Santos will also discuss how these AI-driven systems offer personalized support, enhancing individual and collaborative psychomotor learning and providing adaptive experiences.

Short CV: Olga C. Santos is an Associate Professor in the Department of Artificial Intelligence at UNED’s School of Computer Science. She founded and directs the PhyUM Research Center, focusing on intelligent systems for psychomotor learning. Active in the AIED (Artificial Intelligence in Education) and UMAP (User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization) communities since 2003, she currently serves as president of the International AIED Society. She introduced the SMDD framework in the Journal of AIED in 2016, leading to various prototypes and a patent. Her latest research in the UMUAI Journal involves modeling the performance of martial arts movements using inertial sensor data. Dr. Santos has received multiple awards, including Best Doctoral Thesis (IEEE Spanish Chapter of the Education Society), Young Researcher Award (IEEE Learning Technology Technical Committee), and the Archimedes Engineering Award (Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain). She has over 200 publications with 4,380+ citations (h-index: 33, i10-index: 99) according to Google Scholar.