To organize the submission process, the NiDS2024 topics are categorized into tracks. The scope of the tracks is to highlight the state-of-the-art research areas. 

Each paper will be assigned to the appropriate track by Program Chairs. 

NiDS2024 tracks are the following:

Track I: Immersive Technologies and Human-Centered AI

Leader: Phivos Mylonas

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Intelligent conversational chatbots, Adaptive Hypermedia Systems, Affective Computing,  Interactive Storytelling, Human-Machine Interaction, User experience, Mobile Technologies, Multimedia Computing, Personalized Learning Environments, User Engagement, User Modelling, Natural Language Processing, Generative AI, Virtual Assistants

Track II: Digital Transformation & AI

Leader: Dimitris Kardaras

Business Process Reengineering, Information Systems, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, E-Government, Cybersecurity, Online Communities, Open Collaboration, Recommender Systems, Social Media Technologies, Social Networking Services, Machine Learning, Fuzzy Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, Deep Learning, Automation, Data-driven Decision Making

Track III: Advanced Data Analytics and Smart Solutions

Leader: Jaime Caro

AI for IoT, Big Data Analytics, Big Data Search and Mining, Big Data Security and Privacy, Big Data in Education, Learning Analytics, Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Stream Computing, Data Visualization, Human Interaction with IoT, Linked Data, Open Data, Semantic Web, Sensor Deployment, Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Environmental Informatics, Smart Health